Washington State Symbols

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Rhododendron, Washington's state flower


Washington's flag
Washington State Flag

Golden Finch, Washington's state bird
Golden Finch



State Bird:  Willow Goldfinch or Wild Canary

State Fish:  Steelhead Trout

State Insect:  Green Darner Dragonfly

Flower:  Rhododendron

Tree:  Western Hemlock

Motto:  Alki (Bye and bye)

State Song:  "Washington, My Home"

State Gem:  Petrified Wood

State Dance:  Square Dance

State Fruit:  Apples

State Fossil:  Columbian Mammoth

Origin of State Name:  Named after the first president of the U.S., George Washington.

Nickname for State:  The Evergreen State.

Nickname for residents:  Washingtonians