North Cascades National Park

Stetattle Creek Trail

The Stetattle Creek Trail is a pleasant day hike for those seeking a peaceful day in the moist westside forest. There are no designated campsites along this trail.

The trail begins just past the Stetattle Creek Bridge at the entrance to the town of Diablo (milepost 126 on State Route 20). Park on a small turnout to the right. The trail follows the creek near a housing area before entering the forest.

Creekside Glades
The first mile (1.6 km) follows the bank of Stettatle Creek. Enjoy the lush carpet of moss and ferns. Watch for the water ouzel ("dipper"), a slate-gray bird. This bird sits on rocks in mid-stream and bobs up and down. The bobbing motion allows the bird to have depth perception in the water. In a flash it will dive into the current and come up some distance away with an insect or larvae in its beak. Listen for the chittering of the winter wren. This tiny brown bird is recognized by its upright spiked tail.

Forested Slopes
Leaving the creek, the trail continues through a mature forest. Look and listen for owls and deer. The trail narrows and crosses several streams before ending 3 miles (4.8 km) from the trailhead. Be careful when crossing streams.

Glacial Flour
Tributaries of Stetattle Creek originate high in the glaciers of McMillan Spires and Davis Peak. Glaciers grind rock into tiny particles which are carried in the water. Light refracting around these particles gives Stetattle Creek its blue-green hues.

Natural Boundary
Stetattle Creek, in the heart of the Skagit Gorge, was the boundary between the Upper Skagit Indians and their northern enemies from the Fraser River Valley. The word "Stetattle" may have originated from the Skagit name which referred to these people from the north.

Pets and firearms are prohibited in the National Park; however, hunting is permitted in Ross Lake National Recreation Area. Washington State hunting and fishing regulations apply. Be sure to stop by the Wilderness Information Center in Marblemount (360-873-4500). Rangers have maps and current imformation to assist you in planning a safe, fun trip.




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