Vermont State Symbols

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Red Clover, Vermont's state flower
Red Clover
Vermont's flag
Vermont State Flag
Hermit Trush, Vermont's state bird
Hermit Thrush 



State Bird:  Hermit Thrush

State Cold Water Fish:  Brook Trout  

State Warm Water Fish:  Walleye Pike

State Animal:  Morgan Horse

State Butterfly:  Monarch Butterfly

State Insect:  Honeybee 

State Flower:  Red Clover

State Tree:  Sugar Maple

State Mineral:  Talc

State Gemstone:  Grossular Garnet

State Rocks:  Marble, Granite and Slate

State Song:  "These Green Mountains" by Diane B. Martin and Rita Buglass Gluck

Motto:  Freedom and Unity

Origin of State Name:  The name is derived from the French words vert and mont, meaning "green" and "mountain."

Nickname for State:  The Green Mountain State.  The nickname refers to Vermont's numerous forested mountains and valleys.

Nickname for residents:  Vermonters