Virginia State Symbols

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Dogwood, Virginia's state flower
Virginia's flag
Virginia State Flag
Cardinal, Virginia's state bird



State Bird:  Cardinal

State Dog:  American fox hound

State Fish:  Brook Trout

State Insect: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

State Flower:  Dogwood

State Tree:  Dogwood

State Fossil:  Chesapecten jeffersonius

State Shell:  Oyster

State Beverage:  Milk

State Song: Carry Me back to Old Virginny
Written by James Bland

State Dance:  Square Dance

Motto:  Thus ever to tyrants

Origin of State Name:  Named for the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England.

Nickname for State:  The Old Dominion State.  The name refers to the addition of Virginia's arms to the shield of King Charles II in 1633.

Nickname for residents:  Virginians