George Washington Birthplace National Monument


George Washington Birthplace National MonumentGeorge Washington was America’s first and greatest hero. During the Revolution, he turned undisciplined militia into the victorious army at Yorktown. Under his leadership, the Constitutional Convention forged a people’s government that has lasted over two hundred years. With a keen sense of history, he executed his presidency knowing that he was setting the model for future presidents. And, most remarkably of all, he willingly gave up power.

Located in the Northern Neck of Virginia, 38 miles east of Fredericksburg on Virginia Route 3, George Washington Birthplace National Monument preserves the heart of Augustine Washington’s plantation, the 17th century homesite of the immigrant John Washington, and the Washington Family Burial Ground.

George Washington’s Birthplace contains a Memorial House and dependencies constructed in 1931 near the site of the original Washington home. Here, in the peace and beauty of this place untouched by time, the staunch character of our hero comes to the imagination.


Getting There:
George Washington Birthplace is located on Route 204 off Route 3. The park is 38 miles east of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and I-95.