Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum




Utah's oldest existing governmental building is the Territorial Statehouse in Fillmore. In anticipation of Utah's statehood, Brigham Young directed construction of the building as the state's capitol. Only the south wing was ever completed. The existing portion was finished in time for the December 1855 meeting of the territorial legislature, which was the only full session held in the old statehouse. In December 1858 the seat of government was returned to Salt Lake City.

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers restored the Territorial Statehouse and reopened it as a museum in 1930. The old capitol building became Utah's first state park in 1957 and today houses a pioneer collection from the time period of the Utah Territory, 1850 to 1896. There are additional historic buildings, a picnic area and an All-American Rose Selection rose garden adjacent to the museum.

Park Information
  •   Acres - 3
  •   Elevation - 5,300 ft.
  •   Park Open - All Year
  •   Day-use Fee - $2
  •   Visitor Center/Museum - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
  •   Picnicking
  •   Group Pavilion - Nearby
  •   Drinking Water
  •   Modern Rest Rooms
  •   Fishing - Nearby
  •   Swimming - Nearby
  •   Hiking/Biking Trails Nearby
  •   Off-Highway Vehicle Trails Nearby
  •   Watchable Wildlife - Nearby




Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum
50 West Capitol Avenue
Fillmore, Utah 84631
(435) 743-5316

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