Great Salt Lake State Marina



Spectacular sunsets, sailing and bird watching are just a few of the activities available here. The Great Salt Lake covers more than 2,000 square miles and is saltier than the ocean. The park is 16 miles west of Salt Lake City on Interstate 80. A marina with 300 slips is available for year-round boating on the lake that seldom freezes. 

Park Information
  •   Elevation - 4,200 ft.
  •   Park Open - All Year
  •   Picnicking
  •   Group Pavilion
  •   Drinking Water
  •   Modern Rest Rooms
  •   Boating
  •   Swimming
  •   Watchable Wildlife




Great Salt Lake State Park
P.O. Box 16658
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-0658
(801) 250-1898

For more information visit the Utah State Parks website