Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum



Edge of The Cedars State Park is the site of a pre-Colombian Pueblo Indian ruin and a modern museum, which is the regional archaeological repository for southeast Utah. Remains of the Ancestral Pueblo Indian Village with its unique architectural structures is a testament to the Indian civilization that once flourished in southeastern Utah. Edge of the Cedars museum houses an excellent collection of Anasazi pottery and other exceptional ancient Indian artifacts. Additional exhibits display cultural materials and information about Navajo and Utah Indians. Edge of the Cedars State Park is located in Blanding. A picnic area is available, but there is no camping.

Park Information

  •    Acres - 16

  •   Elevation - 6,200 ft.

  •   Park Open - All Year

  •   Day-use Only

  •   Day-use Fee - $5

  •   Visitor Center/Museum - Hours Vary 

  •   Picnicking

  •   Drinking Water

  •   Modern Rest Rooms




Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum
660 West 400 North
Blanding, Utah 84511-0788
(435) 678-2238

For more information visit the Utah State Parks website