Anasazi Indian State Park



This ancient Indian village in the heart of Utah's canyon country was one of the largest Anasazi communities west of the Colorado River. The site is believed to have been occupied from A.D. 1050 to 1200. The village remains largely unexcavated, but many artifacts have been uncovered and are on display in the newly remodeled museum.

Anasazi State Park is in the picturesque town of Boulder on State Route 12. Group and individual picnic areas are available. There is no camping.

Park Information

  •   Acres - 6

  •   Elevation - 6700 ft

  •   Park Open - Year round

  •   No Camping

  •   Day-use Fee - $5

  •   Visitor Center - Hours vary

  •   Picnicking

  •   Drinking Water

  •   Modern Rest Rooms



Anasazi Indian State Park
P.O. Box 1429
Boulder, Utah 84716-1429
(435) 335-7308


For more information visit the Utah State Parks website