Paul Bunyan's Woodpile

A geological curiosity--rare in Utah--the "woodpile" is a cluster of lava logs formed about 30-million years ago during the Eocine period. The logs were formed when a lava flow cooled into orderly columner joints having 3 to 6 sides. The column measures about a foot in diamater and up to 15-feet in length. This formation was on the rim of a caldera that collapsed due to a voild left when lava flowed out from under the caldera. Basin and range faulting caused the formation to tilt onto its side. Erosion has exposed the formation we now see.

Location: Take Exit 248 west from Santaquin towards Eureka on Highway 6. Follow Highway 6 as it curves south through Eureka and merges in with Highway 36. Continue south for about 18 miles. Turn off east at the sign for Paul Bunyan's Woodpile.

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