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Sego Lily


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California Seagull


State Symbols


State Bird:
  California Seagull

State Animal:  Rocky Mountain Elk

State Fish:  Bonneville Cutthroat Trout

State Insect:  Honey Bee

Flower:  Sego Lily

State Grass:  Indian Rice Grass

Tree:  Blue Spruce

State Fruit:  Cherry

State Song:  "Utah, We Love Thee" by Evan Stephen

State Mineral:  Copper 

State Rock:  Coal

State Gem:  Topaz

State Fossil:  Allosaurus

State Cooking Pot:  Dutch Oven

State Emblem:  Beehive

State Folk Dance:  Square Dance

Motto:  "Industry"

Origin of State Name:  The name is derived from a
Native American word meaning "those who dwell high up" or "mountaintop dwellers."

Nickname for State:  The Beehive State The name connotes hard work and industry among the state's residents.

Nickname for residents:  Utahns 

Interesting facts:
Utah leads the nation in the
proportion of its population that has completed high school.

The Sundance Film Festival is an internationally recognized celebration of independent motion pictures, held annually at the Sundance Ski Resort and nearby cities.

Pioneer Day, July 24, commemorates the first permanent settlement of Utah on July 24, 1847, by Brigham Young and his Mormon pioneers.

Statehood:  Jan. 4, 1896, the 45th State

Capital:  Salt Lake City

Total Area:  13th among states 219,900 sq km (84,904 sq mi)

Water Area:  7,086 sq km (2,736 sq mi)

- King's Peak, 13,528 ft (4,123 m) above sea level
- Beaverdam Creek in Washington County, 2,000 ft (610 m) above sea level  

Total Population:  35th among states
1990 census -  1,722,850
1998 estimate -  2,099,758

Population Density in 1998:  9.9 people per sq km (26 per sq mi)

Distribution in 1999:  87% Urban, 13% Rural

Gross State Product - $50.4 billion (1996)
Personal income per Capita -  $20,246 (1997)

Largest cities in 1990:  
Salt Lake City:  159,936
West Valley City:  86,976
Provo:  86,835
Orem:  67,561
Ogden:  63,909





For more information about Utah visit the state's Official Web Site




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