Deep Creek Mountains

Recreation Opportunities

This range rises spectacularly from the Great Salt Lake Desert. Granite crags provide stunning views and recreation opportunities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, scenic driving along the Deep Creek Scenic Byway, photography, backcountry camping.

Recreation Sites

There are no developed recreation sites located within the Deep Creek Mountains


The Deep Creeks are home to a multitude of watchable wildlife. Please take care to observe but not disturb the animals who call the Deep Creeks home. Mule deer, elk, mountain lions, and Big Horn Sheep live among the varied terrain.


The Deep Creek Mountains represent a fault formation mountain range. The highest point, Haystack Peak rises 8,000 feet above the desert to an elevation of 12,101. The rugged peaks harbor no maintained trails. The Varied terrain ranges from salt desert shrubs to firs near the timber line. There are many unique features such as a stand of Bristlecone pines, granite rock formations, and lush woodland areas.


Most of the Deep Creek Mountain range is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The west side of the Deeps must be accessed via the Goshute Indian Reservation. To visit the west side you need to plan ahead and get permission from the Tribal Council. Write to them at Box 6104, Ibapah, UT 84034, explaining the purposes of your trip. Most of the canyons have roads into their lower reaches. Four-wheel drive vehicles will be able to get farther up the steep grades than cars.


For Additional Information Contact:

Bureau of Land Management
Fillmore  Office
P.O. Box 778
Fillmore, Utah 84631
(435) 743-6811


For more information visit the Utah Bureau of Land Management website