Things To Do in Tennessee

Tennessee Spotlights

Casey Jones Village

Casey Jones VillageLocated in Jackson which is about 85 miles northeast of Memphis. Casey Jones was a railroad engineer who became a hero in 1900 when he saved all the passengers on his train. This is a family destination that includes the Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum, the Old Country Store, Providence House which is an events venue, an amphitheatre, shopping, miniature golf, and the studio of master woodcarver Dee Moss. The Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store Restaurant was voted Jackson’s best restaurant. There is a tourist information center and several places to buy a souvenir.

Hiwassee River Rail Adventure

Hiwassee River Rail AdventureLocated in Etowah which is 60 miles northeast of Chattanooga. This is offered by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum which is based in Chattanooga. You begin this trip at the restored L&N Depot & Museum. This train ride takes you through the Cherokee National Forest, along the Hiwassee River and the through the secluded Hiwassee River Gorge. This trip includes the engineering marvel known as The Great Hiwassee Loop. The rails negotiate a spiraling formation and at the top you pass over a bridge that is 62 feet above the tracks on which you just traveled.