Central South Dakota

Pierre Players Community Theater - A performing arts theater providing opportunity and experiences in quality community theatre. Check and see what is currently playing.

South Dakota Hall of Fame - Offers many unique opportunities of education for children and adults! Here you will learn fascinating facts about famous and influential people from South Dakota.

Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center - A historical museum devoted to the legendary sport of South Dakota rodeo; the history and its stars. This museum provides a historical view into the rich culture which has made rodeo such an important part of South Dakota history.

South Dakota National Guard Museum - A large exhibit area. Each collection reflects the heritage of the National Guard in South Dakota and accomplishments of the period. On display outside the museum is an actual A-7-D Jet, Sherman Tank, 75mm Cannon, 105mm Howitzer, Anti-Aircraft guns and an Armored Personnel Carrier.

Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center - Akta Lakota means "to honor the people" and the museum _ not only honors the Lakota people, but also serves as an educational center for the Lakota children at St. Joseph's Indian School.

Lewis and Clark Keelboat Center - Experience breath-taking views from the stern of the keelboat. "Re-live" Lewis and Clark's journey with interpretive panels that explain the Corps traveling adventures through present day South Dakota.

The Klein Museum - The museum houses many artifacts from the collections of the Klein family, the benefactors of the museum. In recent years the museum has increased it's role in preserving the history and culture of the Native American tribes that inhabited this area of the Missouri River. The museum has focused on the life and times of Chief Sitting Bull who is buried several miles from the museum.

Museum of the South Dakota State Historical Society - South Dakota, a land of countless stories - discover them at the Museum of the South Dakota State Historical Society. From the horse cultures of the Northern Plains Indians to gutsy homesteaders to old west scoundrels, the museum captures the spirit of the people. Discover a new adventure at every turn.

South Dakota Discovery Center - The Center provides interactive exhibits and hands-on science activities that are fun and educational.'

Willow Creek Wildlife Inc. - Located in Central South Dakota, just 12 miles west from the state capitol in Pierre. Hunting- small game or big game, sporting clays and skeet.