Pennsylvania State Symbols

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Mountain Laurel, Pennsylvania's state flower
Mountain Laurel
Pennsylvania's flag
Pennsylvania State Flag
Ruffed Grouse, Pennsylvania's state bird
Ruffed Grouse



State Bird:  Ruffed Grouse

State Animal:  Whitetail Deer

State Dog:  Great Dane

State Fish:  Brook Trout

State Insect:  Firefly

State Flower:  Mountain Laurel

Beautification and Conservation plant:  Penngift Crownvetch

State Tree:  Western Hemlock

State Fossil:  Phacops rana

State Beverage:  Milk

State Song:  "Pennsylvania," was written and composed by Eddie Khoury and Ronnie Bonner

Motto:  Virtue, liberty, independence

Origin of State Name:  The name means "Penn's woodland" and honors Admiral William Penn, whose son, William Penn, founded the colony.

Nickname for State:  The Keystone StateThe term was probably first usedin reference to the state's political importance.

Nickname for residents:  Pennsylvanians