Ohio State Symbols

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Red Carnation, Ohio's state flower
Red Carnation
Ohio's flag
Ohio State Flag
Cardinal, Ohio's state bird



State Bird:  Cardinal

State Animal:  White-tailed Deer

State Reptile:  Black Racer Snake

State Insect: Lady Bug

State Flower:  Red Carnation

State Wildflower:  large White Trillium

State Tree:  Buckeye

State Fossil:  Isoletus or Trilobite

State Gemstone:  Flint

State Beverage:  Tomato Juice

State Song:  "Beautiful Ohio"

State Rock Song:  "Hang on Sloopy"

Motto:  With God, all things are possible

Origin of State Name:  The word Ohio is thought to derive from an Iroquois word meaning either great or beautiful river.

Nickname for State:  The Buckeye State.  The nickname refers to the many buckeye trees that grew within the state's borders when settlers arrived.

Nickname for residents:  Ohioans