Northwestern Ohio

Sandusky State Theatre - The historic State Theatre has been serving the greater Firelands region for over 72 years. The theatre is host to a variety of concerts, musicals, performers and more.

The Workshop Players - An all-volunteer theater offering the best in the performing arts. Dramas, comedies, mysteries, classics, children's productions, new works by local authors and musicals - large and small.

Fremont Community Theatre - The premier live theatre venue in Sandusky County. Everyone is welcome at FCT; whether it be as a guest, musician, stage hand, decorator, actor, actress, or even just to donate cookies.

Perry's Cave Family Fun Center - A natural limestone cave which lies 52 feet below the surface of South Bass Island in Lake Erie. An underground Lake is also located within the cave. 20 minute guided tours are available.

Edison Birthplace Museum - Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, and many other devices that make our lives fuller and simpler, was born in Milan, in 1847. The Edison Birthplace Museum features a collection of rare Edisonia, including examples of many of Edison's early inventions, documents, and family mementos.

Merry-Go-Round Museum - Ride into the past at the Merry-Go-Round Museum, located in historic downtown Sandusky. The museum features a "fully restored" Allen Herschell Carousel, band organ. Visitors can also learn about the history and art of the carousel through exhibits and wood carvers.

Toledo Museum of Art - Featuring one of the finest art collections in the U.S. , the Toledo Museum has more than 30,000 works of art from nearly every part of the world and every time period. Visitors will find world-famous paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts in nearly every gallery.

Sauder Village - The Destination of Choice in northwest Ohio. Whether your favorite pastime is eating, shopping, learning, or being with friends and family, the Sauder Village offers experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity and fun.

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum - One of the earliest railroads that ran through Bellevue in 1839 was the Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad. Step aboard this hands on Museum and learn about the history of railroading.

National Construction Equipment Museum - Historically significant machines are restored, exhibited and interpreted for the education and enjoyment of the general public. Sales and service literature, photographs, and other documentation of these industries are preserved and made available for research. It is the only museum and archives of its kind in the world!

The Milan Historical Museum - A seven building campus located just steps from the birthplace of America's greatest inventor, Thomas A. Edison. The Museum offers a family-centered day exploring history through engaging exhibits and hands-on activities.

Toledo Firefighters Museum - The museum's million dollar display includes many large pieces of vintage fire fighting equipment. The centerpiece of the museum is the 1837 "Neptune", Toledo's first fire pumper. Restored by Toledo Firefighters, the hand-pulled, hand-operated Neptune required a 20-man crew and could deliver about 300 gallons of water per minute.

The Ritz Theatre - Host to a variety of concerts, musicals and performances.

Bellevue Society for the Arts - Best known for its theatrical productions, the center also offers music lessons, language lessons, art shows, and a venue for the musical and theatrical productions of others. There is something for all ages at the Bellevue Arts Center.

Cedar Point Amusement Park - Considered the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point located in Sandusky features the most rides at a theme park and the most roller coaster in a theme park. Cedar Point also offers three water rides, musical shows, special camps, a real steam-powered locomotive and lots more.

Little Squirt Sports Park - A fun sports park for children. They will love the Go karts, batting cages, mini golf, bumper boats and so much more.

AuGlaize Village and Farm Museum - A farm museum and historical village in the heartland of the Maumee River Valley.

Imagination Station - Each visit is different for everyone. You can spend the whole day exploring, discovering and creating, or quickly stop in and spend an hour or so with your favorite exhibits. With new experiences every day, it's different every time you come.

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center - Located at the Spiegel Grove estate of the 19th President in Fremont, the center is home to America's first Presidential Library. The estate features the Rutherford B. Hayes home, museum and library.

Allen County Museum - Considered one of the finest county museums in the country, the Allen County Museum features exhibits from the civil war, locomotives, fire equipment, mineral collection and lots more.

Wood County Historical Center - Exhibits help tell the story behind the artifacts. Over 30 rooms cover historical elements from the native people of Northwest Ohio, the Black Swamp, Oil and Gas Boom, various clothing and decorating styles, and trends in politics and government.

Wolcott Heritage Center - Named for James Wolcott, a prosperous businessman during the late 1820's to the mid 1840's, the complex consists of seven historical buildings.

National Museum of the Great Lakes - In the shadow of the Toledo skyline, moored alongside the rolling landscape of International Park, a splash of history and romance await you aboard the museum ship S.S. WILLIS B. BOYER.

Jet Express - A safe, ocean-approved catamaran offering passengers a 22 minute ride in which you'll pass seven Lake Erie islands, catch up on the lake and island histories with a narrated tour, and travel shore-to-shore from downtown Port Clinton to downtown Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie's most popular island destination and family fun spot.

Schoepfle Garden - Unique 70 acre preserve of horticultural gardens, natural woodlot, ponds and river valley. It is a living museum of plant collections and unique specimens. The garden also includes two miles of natural hiking trails along the Vermilion River.

Toledo Zoo - Known as the world's most complete zoo, the Toledo Zoo is home to over 4,000 animals representing 600 different species, making it a unique, educational and fun place to visit anytime of the year.

Seneca Caverns - Come and explore one of "Ohio's Greatest Natural Underground Adventures". The one hour guided walking tour takes you 110 feet underground through seven rooms or levels. Visitors will view a crystal clear flowing stream which is part of the vast groundwater system which underlies the surrounding region.

Toledo Botanical Garden - Features the Susan H. LeCron Shade Garden, Herb Garden, Perennial Garden, Grand Allee, Pioneer Garden, Rose Garden, All America Selections Vegetable & Flower Garden, Village Garden, and The Greenhouse.