Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial


Facts and Figures

  • Perry Memorial - Perry's Victory & International Peace MemorialWorld's most massive Greek Doric Column

    • Total height above lake level - 352 feet (107 meters)

    • Gallery height above lake level - 317 feet (96 meters)

    • Total height above Upper Plaza - 340 feet (104 meters)

    • Gallery height above Upper Plaza - 300 feet (93 meters)

    • Diameter of column at base - 45 feet (14 meters)

    • Diameter of column at top - 35 feet (11 meters)

    • Gallery size 47 feet square (4.41 meters square)

  • Constructed lasted between October 1912 and June, 1915 (32 months).

  • Architects: Joseph Freedlander and Alexander Seymour, Jr., New York, New York

  • Contractors: J.C. Robinson and Son Company, New York and Chicago The Memorial was built by the Chicago Office

  • The Monument was paid for with donations from nine states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Kentucky) and the Federal Government.

  • The Memorial was dedicated on July, 31, 1931 and the ceremony broadcast live by NBC Radio.

  • The grounds of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial today cover 25.38 acres.

  • The foundation of the Memorial column rests on solid bedrock (12 feet or 3.7 meters to bedrock).

  • The weight of the column is estimated as 36,800 kips or 36,800,000 pounds (16,692 metric tons). This includes the lantern, capital, column and foundation. The foundation alone consists of a concrete ring 9 feet thick (2.9m) and 12 feet deep (3.66m) with an outside diameter of 45 feet (13.7m).

  • The Memorial was constructed with Pink Milford (Mass.) Granite. The pink granite gives a more true white appearance from a distance than would a more white stone.

  • The wall of the column is 9 feet (2.8m) thick at the base and 4 feet (1.2m) thick at the top. The walls are reinforced with concrete locked into the granite blocks by "dovetailing"; above the rotunda the inner walls are lined with brick.

  • There are 78 courses (layers) of granite; 30 granite blocks in each course; a total of 2,340 blocks. The weight of each granite block varies from 2-5 tons (1800kg-4500kg).

  • The elevator shaft is a constant 27 feet (8.38m) in diameter. It has always been equipped with an electric elevator. The present elevator went into service in 1939 and ascends at 256 feet per minute (2.9mph) and descends at 325 feet per minute (3.7mph).

  • There is an interior stairway around the elevator with 427 steps.

  • There are 467 steps from the Upper Plaza to the Observation Gallery.

  • The Bronze Urn on top of memorial weights 11 tons (9,900kg), is 23 feet (7m) high, and has a diameter of 18 feet (5.5m).

  • The floor of the rotunda is of Tennessee (white) and Italian (black) marble. The domed walls and ceiling are of Indiana limestone. The stains on the ceiling are due to moisture penetration, possibly from the exterior.

  • Three American and three British officers killed in the Battle of Lake Erie are buried in the crypt beneath the floor of the rotunda. They were originally buried in what is now DeRivera Park the day after the battle. They were re-interred in the Monument on September 11, 1913, exactly one hundred years after their burial.



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