Pony Express Territory Nevada

East Ely Railroad Depot Museum - Focuses on the historical industrial development of Nevada as evidenced by the massive copper production in the area which began in 1900. Located in the historic Nevada Northern Railroad Depot building, the museum interprets mining and transportation heritage.

E.O. Austin Home & Museum - A museum dedicated to the history of Austin. The inside of the home is a museum filled with memorabilia from Austin and the surrounding areas. The building is a replica of E.O. Austin's house of the 1800's. It is in almost the exact spot as it was before the flood of 1911.

The Loneliest Road in America - Highway 50 actually has a number of attractions that make traveling the byway a worthwhile trip. Many ghost towns and historical cemeteries dot the area. Travelers will not want to miss the variety of unusual sites such as the Charcoal Ovens State Park or Hickison Summit Petroglyphs. Beautiful historic mining towns are scattered across the byway.

Eureka Sentinel Museum - Interprets the history of Eureka. All of the press equipment is original. See how a newspaper was printed in the boom days of Eureka. In the mining history room you will see tools from the early days of mining, as well as historic stock certificates, ledgers and personal miners items.

Shoe Tree - A decades old seventy-foot-tall cottonwood tree, known by travelers and locals alike as the Shoe Tree, is found at a dusty roadside pull-off, just beyond the old Pony Express stop at Middlegate Station. It is on the north side of U.S. Highway 50, approximately sixty miles east of Fallon. Shoe trees are scattered throughout the West and are the subject of local folklore, but none stands more majestically as this one on Highway 50.

Sand Mountain - Sand Mountain is managed by the U. S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, the sand dunes of the 4,795 acre recreation fee area provide challenge and excitement for off-highway vehicle riders, hikers & sandboarders.

Churchill County Museum - Considered 'The Best Little Museum on the Loneliest Road in America'. The museum features exhibits on local Native American tribes, the Emigrant Trail, the Pony Express and early Churchill County.

Nevada Northern Railway - Large collection of historic rolling stock, including steam and electric locomotives that hauled copper. Train rides available; experience a beautiful evening train ride along the Keystone Route that includes a unique atmosphere. Enjoy the evening city lights of Ely and star light by candlelight.

Lexington Arch - Rising high above the floor of Lexington Canyon, this imposing natural arch was created by the forces of weather working slowly over a span of centuries. Lexington Arch is unusual in one important respect: it is carved from limestone. Most of the natural arches of the western United States are composed of sandstone.