New Hampshire State Symbols

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Purple Lilac, New Hampshire's state flower
Purple Lilac
New Hampshire
New Hampshire
New Hampshire's flag
New Hampshire State Flag
Purple Finch, New Hampshire's state bird
Purple Finch



State Bird:  Purple Finch

State Wildflower:  The pink lady's slipper

State Animal:  The white tail deer

State Saltwater Game Fish:  The striped bass

State Freshwater Fish:  The Brook trout

State Amphibian:  The spotted newt

State Insect:  The ladybug

State Butterfly:  The Karner Blue

State Flower:  Purple Lilac

State Tree:  White Birch

State Rock:  Granite

State Mineral:  Beryl

State Gem:  Smoky quartz

State Sport:  Skiing  

State Song:  "Old New Hampshire" with words by Dr. John F. Holmes and music by Maurice Hoffmann

Motto:  Live free or die

Origin of State Name:  Captain John Mason named the area after the English county of Hampshire, where he had spent time as a youth.

Nickname for State:  The Granite StateNew Hampshire is known as the Granite State because of its extensive granite formations and deposits.

Nickname for residents:  New Hampshirites