Prairie Lakes Nebraska

Ogallala's Mansion on the Hill - Ogallala was a wild and woolly cow town in 1887 when the house was built. It sat outside of town on a hill . The quality that went into this building made this house a jewel on the prairie and the pride of the community. It has now lasted so long that It was put on the National Register of Historic Places.

Senator George Norris State Historic Site - George Norris spent over forty years representing Nebraskans in the United States Congress, but he always returned to his humble house in McCook, Discover the fascinating story of the father of the Rural Electrification Act, the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, and Nebraska's one-house legislature.

Golden Spike Tower and Visitors Center - The tower rises 8 stories above Union Pacific's 2,850-acre Bailey Yard the world's largest train yard. You'll enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from the enclosed 8th floor viewing area, while the sights and sounds of the railroad below can be enjoyed from the 7th floor open-air platform.

America's 20th Century Veterans' Memorial - The monument is located in Iron Horse Park at a point where Interstate 80 crosses U.S. Highway 83 in North Platte. This prominent location and the easy access from these heavily used travel arteries make it convenient for thousands of interested individuals to pause for a commemorative moment at the Veterans' Memorial park.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Sutton House - Designed by one of America's most influential and visionary architects, 602 Norris Avenue is one of the few homes west of the Mississippi River designed by the internationally-renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Front Street/Cowboy Museum - Read about the Great Train Robbery (Sam Bass) to the Dirty Thirty's (when Nebraska was a dust bowl). See pictures during the building of Kingsley Dam along with other historical items and artifacts (both Cowboy and Indian). See how the west was won...

North Platte Children's Musuem - Build in the construction world, create in the craft world, or sing and dance in the fine arts world. There are 14 interactive exhibits where your children can learn and discover.

The Petrified Wood Gallery - A showcase of natural history specializing in ancient woods and fossils from around the world plus Native American arrowheads and artifacts from within 25 miles of Ogallala.

Ole's Big Game Steakhouse - This unique family eatery showcases more than 200 big game trophies and countless mementos of Ole's worldwide safaris.

Old West Museum - Fort Cody Trading Post is home to some of the finest authentic cowboy gear west of the Mississippi. View vintage chaps, boots, hats, and saddles made by such makers as F.A. Meanea, August Buerman, Stetson, J.S. Collins, and R.T. Frazier. All pieces on display are identified and dated.

North Platte Community Playhouse - The mission of the North Platte Community Playhouse is to provide quality entertainment and a beautiful venue for community events in the historically important building, the Neville Center for the Performing Arts.