Things To Do in Nebraska

Nebraska Spotlights

Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Chimney Rock National Historic SiteLocated near Bayard which is about 25 miles east of Scottsbluff. This is the most famous landmark on the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails. Chimney Rock is 325 feet tall and can be seen for many miles from the east. The visitor center has exhibits, a video about the migration west and a hands-on activity where you can “pack your wagon.” It is open daily except for most holidays.

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park

Ashfall Fossil BedsLocated in Royal, about 50 miles northwest of Norfolk in northeastern Nebraska. This is a rare preservation site that preserves an ecological “snapshot” where a range of fossilized organisms was discovered nearly undisturbed. The fossil remains of rhinos are so numerous that the main section of Ashfall is called the “Rhino Barn”. Other fossils found here are of horses, camels and birds. The ash from a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone preserved the animals in three dimensions. Walkways offer visitors an unobstructed view of Paleontologists working at the site.