Michigan State Symbols

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Apple Blossom, Michigan's state flower
Apple Blossom
Michigan's flag
Michigan State Flag
Robin, Michigan's state bird



State Bird:  Robin

State Flower:  Apple Blossom

State Tree:  White Pine

State Fish:  Brook Trout

State Game Mammal:  White-tailed Deer

State Gem:  Chlorastrolite

State Soil:  Kalkaska Soil Series

State Stone:  Petoskey Stone

State Reptile:  Painted Turtle

Motto:  If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.

Origin of State Name:  The name is taken from that of Lake Michigan.

Nickname for State:  The Wolverine StateThe name refers to the importance of wolverine pelts to early trading posts.

Nickname for residents:  Michiganders