Maine State Symbols

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White pine cone & tassel, Maine's state flower
White Pine
Maine's flag
Maine State Flag
Chickadee, Maine's state bird



State Bird:  Chickadee

State Animal:  Moose

State Cat:  Maine Coon Cat

State Fish:  Landlocked Salmon

State Insect:  Honeybee

State Flower:  White pine cone and tassel

State Herb:  Wintergreen

State Berry:  Wild Blueberry

State Tree:  White Pine

State Fossil:  Pertica quadrifaria

State Soil:  Chesuncook Soil Series

State Gemstone:  Tourmaline

State Song:  "State of Maine Song" words and music by Roger Vinton Snow

Motto:  I direct

Origin of State Name:  The name probably originated as the word used by English explorers to refer to the mainland. It may also be derived from the Maine region of France.

Nickname for State:  The Pine Tree State.  The nickname is derived from the state tree.

Nickname for residents:  Mainers