Oxon Cove Park and Oxon Hill Farm


Oxon Cove Park and Oxon Hill Farm The primary feature of Oxon Cove Park is Oxon Hill Farm which operates as an actual working farm, representative of the early 20th century.

You can see a farm house, barns, a stable, feed building, livestock buildings and a visitor activity barn. It exhibits basic farming principles and techniques as well as historical agricultural programs for urban people to develop an understanding of cropping and animal husbandry.

From the 1890's until the 1950`s, Oxon Hill Farm was operated by patients from St. Elizabeth Hospital. It provided therapy as well as food for the patients at the institution. The land area varies from low flat river shoreline to high river terraces with intermediate rolling hills created by a reclaimed sanitary landfill which existed on the site until the mid-seventies.

The park provides an excellent resource for environmental studies, wildlife observing, fishing, and other recreational activities made possible by easy access to the Potomac River. There is open grassland, deciduous forest, and marsh and swamp ecosystems. This natural area supports a wide variety of wildlife providing for nature/environmental study. Visitors can also explore on their own to see the antique farm machinery, the dairy barn and silo, the 19th century brick stable, the feed and tool sheds, and the barnyard.


Getting There:
The farm is bounded by Interstate 295 and the Potomac River on the west, Interstate 95/495 on the south, Indian Head Highway (MD Route 210) on the east, and the District of Columbia on the north.

From downtown Washington, D.C., take I-295 SOUTH (Kenilworth Avenue) to the Capital Beltway (I-95/495). Take Exit 1A, north toward Baltimore. On I-95/495, take Exit 3A and bear right on the exit ramp onto Oxon Hill Road. Follow signs to the farm (a quick right turn).

From Southeast Washington, D.C. take South Capitol Street which becomes Indian Head Highway (MD Route 210); turn right onto Oxon Hill Road just beyond the Beltway. Follow signs to the farm.

From Alexandria, Virginia take Interstate 95-495 across the Potomac River (Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge). Remain on Interstate 95-495 to the top of the hill. Take Exit 3A and bear right on the exit ramp onto Oxon Hill Road. Follow signs to the farm (a quick right turn).