Famous People from Massachusetts

John Adams (1735 - 1826) America's first vice-president and 2nd president. He also helped write a draft of the Declaration of Independance before it was rewritten by Thomas Jefferson. Born in Braintree, Norfolk, MA (248)

John Quincy Adams (1767 - 1848) The 6th President of the United States and son of John Adams, second President of the United States. He was also a diplomat, a Senator and member of the House of Representatives. Born in Braintree, MA (249)

Samuel Adams (1722 - 1803) An American statesman, political philosopher, signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Born in Boston, MA (250)

Susan B. Anthony (1820 - 1906) American Civil Rights leader and prominent figure in the Women's Rights Movement in the 19th century. Born in Adams, MA (251)

Johnny Appleseed (1774 - 1845) Born John Chapman. An American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Born in Leominster, MA (1315)

John Ashton (1948 - ) An American actor best known for his roles in Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run and Gone Baby Gone. Born in Springfield, MA (901)

Clara Barton (1821 - 1912) Born Clarissa Harlowe Barton. A pioneer nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She also worked as a teacher, patent clerk, and humanitarian. Born in North Oxford, MA (234)

Leonard Bernstein (1918 - 1990) An American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer, and pianist. First American born and trained conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and famous for composing the music to West Side Story. Born in Lawrence, MA (253)

George H. W. Bush (1924 - ) The 41st president of the United States from 1989 to 1993 and the 43rd vice-president (1981-1989). He was a congressman, an ambassador and Director of Central Intelligence. Born in Milton, MA (254)

Susan Butcher (1954 - 2006) An American dog musher. She was the second woman to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in 1986, the second four-time winner in 1990, and the first to win four out of five sequential years. Born in Boston, MA (19)

Bette Davis (1908 - 1989) Born Ruth Elizabeth Davis. An American actress of film, television and theater. Referred to as "The First Lady of the American Screen." She appeared in more than 100 films. She was the first woman to be awarded the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award. Born in Lowell, MA (255)

Cecil Blount DeMille (1881 - 1959) A legendary American film director and Academy Award-winning film producer in both silent and sound films. He was renowned for the flamboyance and showmanship of his movies. Among some of his most well-known films are The Ten Commandments, Cleopatra, and The Greatest Show on Earth, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Born in Ashfield, MA (1096)

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) Famous poet of American literature during the 19th century. Fewer than a dozen of her nearly 1,800 poems were published during her lifetime. Born in Amherst, MA (261)

James Drummond Dole (1877 - 1958) An American industrialist who developed the pineapple industry in Hawaii and established the Hawaiian Pineapple Company which later reorganized to become the Dole Food Company. Also known as the "Pineapple King." Born in Jamaica Plain, MA (1433)

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) Inventor, statesman, and publisher that helped write the Declaration of Independence. He also played a major role in the history of Physics with his theories and discoveries about electricity. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove. Earned the title of "The First American." Born in Boston, MA (256)

Elbridge Gerry (1744 - 1814) Former Vice President of the United States (1813-1814) serving under James Madison. Born in Marblehead, MA (1709)

John Hancock (1737 - 1793) Merchant, statesman, and first signer of the Declaration of Independence. He served as president of the Second Continental Congress and the first and third governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Born in Quincy, MA (262)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864) Born Nathaniel Hathorne. An American novelist and short story writer. He is most famous for writing his novel The Scarlet Letter. Born in Salem, MA (257)

Anson Jones (1798 - 1858) A doctor, businessman, congressman, and the fourth and last President of the Republic of Texas, sometimes called the "Architect of Annexation." Born in Barrington, MA (1201)

John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963) The 35th President of the United States until he was assassinated in 1963. Commonly known as Jack Kennedy or JFK. The Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race, the Civil Rights Movement and the building of the Berlin Wall all took place during his presidency. Born in Brookline, MA (259)

Horace Mann (1796 - 1859) An American politician and educational reformer. The father of public education; helped to establish the nation's first board of education and was a leading figure in promoting nonreligious public education. Born in Franklin, MA (260)

Rocky Marciano (1923 - 1969) Born Rocco Francis Marchegiano. An American professional boxer. During his career, he held the heavyweight boxing title for four years in the 1950s. He is the only person to hold the heavyweight title without a bout tie or defeat during his entire career. He is one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. Born in Brockton, MA (842)

Christa McAuliffe (1948 - 1986) An American teacher. She was one of seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. Born in Framingham, MA (363)

Leonard Nimoy (1931 - 2015) An actor, film director, poet, singer-songwriter, and photographer. He was best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek series and movies. Born in Boston, MA (1707)

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849) An American author, poet, editor and literary critic. Considered the invoentor of the detective fiction genre. Some of his works include "The Bells", "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Fall of the House of Usher." Born in Boston, MA (239)

Paul Revere (1734 - 1818) An American silversmith, engraver, early industrialist and patriot in the American Revolution. A well-known messenger in the battles of Lexington and Concord. Born in Boston, MA (264)

Dr Seuss (1904 - 1991) Born Theodor Seuss Geisel. An American writer and cartoonist who is best known for creating the Dr. Seuss books. Some of his books include How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham. Born in Springfield, MA (258)

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) An American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, surveyor, and historian. Best known for his works "Walden" and "Civil Disobedience". Born in Concord, MA (263)

Francis E. Warren (1844 - 1929) U.S. Politician of the Republican Party who was the first Wyoming state governor and U.S. Senator representing Wyoming. Born in Hinsdale, MA (664)