Kentucky State Symbols

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Goldenrod, Kentucky's state flower
Kentucky's flag
Kentucky State Flag
Cardinal, Kentucky's state bird



State Bird:  Cardinal

State Wild Game Animal:  Gray Squirrel

State Horse:  Thoroughbred

State Fish:  Kentucky Spotted Bass

State Butterfly:  Viceroy Butterfly

State Flower:  Goldenrod

State Tree:  Tulip-Poplar

State Fossil:  Brachiopod

State Mineral:  Coal

State Rock:  Kentucky Agate

State Gemstone:  Freshwater Pearl

State Arboretum:  Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

State Soil:  Crider Soil Series

State Song: "My Old Kentucky Home"

State Bluegrass Song:  "Blue Moon of Kentucky"

Motto:  United we stand, divided we fall

Origin of State Name:  The name is derived from a Cherokee word for the area south of the Ohio River. Its meaning is disputed, but
some historians believe it means "meadowland."

Nickname for State:  The Bluegrass State.  The nickname is derived from the famed bluegrass pastures of central Kentucky.

Nickname for residents:  Kentuckians