Southeastern Kansas

Little House on the Prairie - The actual site of The Little House on the Prairie is today, as when Laura lived there with her family, a tranquil and beautiful open prairie setting surrounded by rustling prairie grasses and the stirrings of small prairie animals.

Johnston Geology Museum - You can see a western Kansas Cretaceous mosasaur, a giant ground sloth, a mastodon tusk plus other displays in the Museum. Included among the 45 displays in the museum are the world famous Hamilton Quarry Fossil Assemblage, the Tri-State Mining Display, petrified tree stumps, and the Hawkins and the Calkins Indian Artifact Collections.

Emmett Kelly Museum - Honors a native son, the famous clown Emmett Kelly (1898-1979) and his sad-faced character 'Willie'. It's located in the 1896 Opera House on Main Street. The collection includes memorabilia of his circus career as well as many items related to local history.

Chanute Historical Society Museum - Exhibits include a replica of Octave Chanute's 1896 biplane glider which was once displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington DC, historic artifacts from the Santa Fe Railroad and Harvey House, collections from pro baseball player Paul Lindblad and basketball great Ralph Miller.

Augusta Historical Museum - Offers rotating exhibits covering time eras from the pre-1800s throughout the 1950s.

Iron Horse Museum - A collection of railroad memorabilia. The Museum is housed in a replica of a "Katy," (Missouri, Kansas & Texas) line depot, circa 1900. The interior is a contemporary space arranged for accessible viewing.

Independence Museum - The museum creates a sense of exciting evolution from the 1800's when Independence was called "Hay Town", to the present, now a busy Southeast Kansas City of more than 10,000 people.

Dalton Defenders Museum - The Museum houses memorabilia from the infamous Dalton Raid in 1892. Guns, saddles and the original First National Bank doors can all be seen plus many pictures taken following the raid. In addition, many items from the early days of Coffeyville are on view plus special displays on Walter 'Big Train' Johnson and Wendell Wilkie.

Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum - Tells the adventurous life story of Martin and Osa, highlighting their safaris and lasting contributions to documentary film making and wildlife research. Photographs, maps, native artifacts, a recreated safari camp, and personal memorabilia - ranging from Osa's Vaudeville dress to Martin's cameras - illustrate their travels.

Neosho County Museum - The Mission of the Neosho County Museum is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display information and artifacts that illustrate the history of Osage Mission and Neosho County, making this heritage better known, understood, and appreciated.

Towanda Area Historical Museum - Come in and look around and get a sense of Towanda's humble beginnings. There is plenty to see and the museum is always looking for more of Towanda's lore from yesteryear.

Parsons Historical Museum - Houses artifacts and document collections pertaining to the history of Parsons in particular and Labette County in general.

Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum - This 23,000 square foot facility interprets regional history from all time periods, including American Indian, African American, military and war, domestic life, mining, Route 66, as well as multiple others.

David Traylor Zoo of Emporia - The purpose of the Emporia Zoo is the creation of an environment which provides an opportunity of cultural enrichment for the community and surrounding area while fulfilling the Zoo's obligations to conservation, education and recreation. The zoo features naturalized exhibits, botanical displays, and a wide variety of animals.

Big Brutus Inc - A 16-story shovel. There are exhibits, ever changing displays and photographs in both the Visitors Center and Big Brutus to enhance the colorful history and heritage of this region and this bucket wielding machine and don't miss a self-guided tour.