Northwestern Kansas

Fort Hays Historic Site - A place where the traditions and survival of the Plains Indians collided with the goals and dreams of a quickly growing nation. Discover the famous people associated with the fort with a variety of exhibit formats, including computerized interactive displays.

Fick Fossil and History Museum - Features Cretaceous Period fossils from the personal collection of Earnest and Vi Fick. The museum also has many fossils found by the Sternbergs, who did extensive digs in the area. As part of its permanent collection, the museum has over 11,000 shark teeth, a complete Xiphactinus audux, specimens of Pteranodon, Plesiosaurus, Mosasaurs, and more.

Prairie Museum of Art & History - The Museum provides an educational opportunity for the public to learn about the Place and the People of the Plains through its programs, archives and collections. The unique collection of over 28,000 artifacts from Europe, Asia and North America was collected by Joe and Nellie Kuska. It consists of dolls, ceramics, glass, furniture, silver, toys, textiles and clothing.

Ellis Railroad Museum - View railroad artifacts and over 5000 square feet of working model train layout. A yellow Union Pacific caboose is located next to an actual depot, which is used as the train ride boarding point. A 1/3 scale General Motors Aero Streamliner travels along a 2.5 mile track.

Carnegie Arts Center - Since the opening, continuous exhibits have been displayed on a monthly basis. In addition, numerous workshops, recitals, demonstrations, lectures and concerts have been held.

Colby Bowl & Fun Center - Come have fun bowling, shooting pool or playing one of many arcade games.

Sternberg Museum of Natural History - A department of Fort Hays State University and has been a part of the Hays community since 1914. In March of 1999, the museum reopened its doors in a new facility and continues to fulfill its mission with exciting new traveling exhibits and educational programs.

High Plains Museum - Features outstanding exhibits and thought-provoking written explanations. They range from the Ice Age, Pioneer Life, the Depression, the Dust Bowl, Rainmakers, old office machines, filling station displays, a 1902 Holsman auto, six exceptional dioramas, and a replica of America's first patented helicopter.

Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home and Museum - The Founder of The Chrysler Corporation's Boyhood Home was built in 1889. The museum, located behind the home, is filled with many personal items that belonged to Chrysler. The shot gun he used duck hunting, jewelry, books, and photographs are just some of the personal artifacts on display.

Hays Arts Center Gallery - The art exhibits change and so there is a wide variety of art to see. Come and join in Family Fun Night each week.

Prairie Dog Town - Home of the 8,000 pound Prairie Dog, this tourist attraction features more than 40 types of animals, many of which can be hand fed and petted.

Fort Wallace Musuem - Although the number of men stationed at the Fort never exceeded 350, these soldiers saw more encounters with Indians than any other Fort, rightfully earning Fort Wallace the distinction of being the "Fightin'est Fort in the West." Come learn more about its history at the museum.