Idaho State Symbols

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Syringa, Idaho's state flower


Idaho's flag
Idaho State Flag

Bluebird, Idaho's state bird



State Bird:  The Mountain Bluebird

State Horse:  The Appaloosa 

State Fish:  The Cutthroat trout

State Insect:  The Monarch Butterfly

Flower:  Syringa

Tree:  Western White Pine

State Song:  "Here We Have Idaho"

State Gem:  The Idaho Star Garnet

State Fossil:  The Hagerman Horse Fossil  

State Folk Dance:  The square dance

Motto:  "Esto Perpetua" (Let it be perpetual)

Origin of State Name:  Originally suggested for Colorado, the name "Idaho" was used for a steamship which traveled the Columbia River. With the discovery of gold on the Clearwater River in 1860, the diggings began to be called the Idaho mines. "Idaho" is a coined or invented word, and is not a derivation of an Indian phrase "E Dah Hoe (How)" supposedly meaning "gem of the mountains."

Nickname for State:  The "Gem State"

Nickname for residents: Idahoans