Southeastern Iowa

Fairfield Arts & Convention Center - Performing Arts Center has a variety of events, including comedians, illusionists, Live Theatre, Concerts, and more.

Kenny's Roller Ranch - A fun family center with year-round Roller Skating, as well as Mini golf, batting cages, basketball bankshot and more.

Theatre Museum of Repertoire Americana - A most unique collection of memorabilia from early American popular entertainment. Priceless stage drops, quaint artifacts, a massive computer-catalogued library, scripts and music scores dating from the 1850s are arrayed for the curious visitor and the dedicated scholar.

Dover Museum - Many of the displays are of former businesses. Since the second floor was constructed as the Masonic Temple, a "mini" temple arrangement is located where the original was.

Grand Theater - Step inside Keokuk's Grand Theatre and experience the nostalgia of times past, enjoying the performances of today and feel the inspiration of the arts in action.

Midwest Old Threshers - Houses scores of steam traction and stationary engines, antique tractors, agricultural implements and tools. They also feature a farm house, barn and mill, and exhibits on the use of water and electricity. An exhibit on farm women past and present is also highlighted.

Carnegie Historical Museum - The Park and the City both lie on the banks of the Des Moines River, and are just on the border of Shimek State Forest. The Park is open year-round, and offers cabin rentals for lodging, RV and camper hookups, as well as primitive camping sites.

Lewelling House - Quaker Museum - Once known as the main ticket office of the underground railroad, the Lewelling Quaker House contains grim reminders of the anti-slavery movement. A trap door and other hiding places for the runaways who were fleeing the evils of slavery.

Starr's Cave Nature Center - A 200 acre area just outside of Burlington. Features include an extensive trail system through mature woodlands, prairies remnants and the limestone bluffs along Flint Creek. Three caves are also located within the reserve. Hiking and caving are perhaps the most popular activities here.

34 Raceway - 34 Raceway is a 3/8-mile, semi-banked, clay oval host to weekly racing events through the spring, summer and fall.