Molokai Hawaii

Molokai Plumeria Orchard - There's a big, beautiful plumeria orchard on the leeward coast of Molokai about 2.5 miles west of Kaunakakai. This is Molokai Plumerias. The trees here enjoy abundant sunshine and shelter from heavy trade winds. You would call it "hot and dry" but plumerias love it.

Ironwood Hills Golf Course - This charming, plantation-style nine-hole course sits on sloping land along central Molokai's north coast mountains.

Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove - This coconut grove located on the south shore of Molokai 1 1/2 miles west of Kaunakakai was planted in the 1860's by King Kamehameha V. The King, nicknamed Kapuaiwa, selected this site because of the seven sacred ponds located here. He had 1,000 tall, royal coconut palm trees planted here to represent each warrior in his mighty army and to shade his sacred bathing pools of the ali'i (royalty).

Kaunakakai Wharf - This harbor is located across the main highway from the island's main city of Kaunakakai. Here is where all commercial and ferry boats dock and where all essential goods are delivered to the island via tug boats and barges.

Molokai Ranch - Headquartered in the historic plantation town of Maunaloa with over 54,000 sprawling acres, or almost 1/3 of the island of Molokai, Molokai Ranch has been part of island life for more than a century. Molokai Ranch & Lodge is dedicated to preserving Molokai's natural environment and cultural history while providing quality lodging and recreational activities.

Halawa Beach Park - Halawa Beach Park is actually made up of two beaches - Kama'alaea Beach (the curved beach on the left) and Kawilli Beach (the rocky, more exposed beach on the right). The two beaches together form a curved bay-type area at this eastern end of the island. Both beaches are usually calm in the summer. However, the winter months bring large waves and this becomes an excellent surfing beach.

RW Meyer Sugar Mill Museum - The mill and museum photographs provide a glimpse into the lives of the plantation worker in the 19th Century. The family home, located up on the hill above the mill, and the family cemetery is located on the grounds and is still owned by Rudolph's descendants. The mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.

Molokai Mule Ride - You will be riding down 1,700 feet of the most spectacular as well as the highest sea cliffs in the world Molokai Sea Cliffs (recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records). Located on the central northern coast of the island of Molokai, some of the more remote areas of this park include rare native habitat for several endangered endemic Hawaiian plants and animals. The boundless beauty you will experience as you traverse down the 2.9 mile trail, with 26 switchbacks, leaves most folks absolutely speechless.

Kamakou Preserve - The rain forest of Kamakou Preserve lies near the summit of Molokai's highest mountain. Nature Conservancy staff and volunteers lead a monthly hike along a narrow boardwalk through Kamakou Preserve.