California State Symbols

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Golden Poppy, California's state flower
Golden Poppy


California's flag

California State Flag

California Valley Quail, California's state bird

California Valley



State Bird:  California Valley Quail

State Animal:  Grizzly Bear

State Fish:  Golden Trout

State Marine Fish:  The garibaldi

State Marine Mammal:  California gray whale

State Insect:  The California dogface butterfly

Flower:  Golden Poppy

Tree:  California Redwood

State Song:  "I Love You, California", written by F.B. Silverwood

State Gem:  Benitoite

State Rock:  Serpentine

State Fossil:  The sabre-tooth cat

State Dance:  West Coast Swing Dancing

State Folk Dance:  Square Dancing

State Reptile:  Desert Tortoise  

State Theater:  The Pasadena Playhouse 

State Mineral:  Gold 

Motto:  Eureka! (Greek word meaning "I have found it").

Origin of State Name:  The name was probably derived from a popular Spanish novel published in 1510 which described a fictional island paradise named California.

Nickname for State:  The Golden State The nickname refers to the gold rush, which played a central role in California's entry into the Union.

Nickname for residents: Californians