Hollywood Wax Museum


As Tom Hanks suffered in Castaway… As Johnny Depp swaggered in Pirates of the Caribbean… As Toby McGuire swooned in Spider-Man… Step foot into the World-Famous Hollywood Wax Museum, home to mesmerizing displays where visitors travel through the scenes of movie blockbusters and classic TV shows. It’s a true walk of fame, where guests of all ages will look twice at the sculpted likenesses of their favorite super heroes, super creeps and super stars.

From Lucille Ball to Lucy Lui, Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp to Will Ferrell, the museum features more than 100 precisely cast figures complete with the costumes, music and special effects from their historic performances. Celebrating 40 years, this Hollywood landmark is always being updated and revamped, so come and see the new additions!

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