Tumacácori National Historical Park


Tumacácori National Historical Park Tumacácori National Historical Park in the upper Santa Cruz River Valley of southern Arizona is comprised of the abandoned ruins of three ancient Spanish colonial missions. The Park is located on 360 acres in three separate units. San José de Tumacácori and Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi, established in 1691, are the two oldest missions in Arizona. The third unit, San Cayetano de Calabazas, was established in 1756.

Visitation to the Guevavi and Calabazas units is available only by reservation during monthly tours guided by the Park staff. All visitor services and Park operations are based out of the Tumacácori unit.

Exhibits in the visitor center museum include dioramas, santos and other information and objects related to the Kino missions, the Spanish, and the indigenous native peoples. A 14 minute video gives the visitor a good understanding of what life was like at Tumacácori in the early 1800's. A beautiful and peaceful garden with a fountain represents what many Missions in the area had. The tranquil nature of this living exhibit shows us how the missionaries dealt with the stresses of their day. It's an old remedy that still works well today.

Guided tours are given daily during the winter months. Living history tours depicting life during the Franciscan period are given with advanced scheduling only. During the winter you will also see local and Mexican artisans demonstrate traditional crafts like tortilla and paper flower making, pottery, reverse glass painting, and Tohono O'odham basket weaving.

Adults (16 years and older) - $3. Valid for 7 days.
Children (15 and under) - Free
Tumacácori Annual Pass - $10

Getting There:
Take Interstate 19 south from Tucson 45 miles to exit 29 and follow the signs. The park is 18 miles north of Nogales, AZ, which is on the Mexican border.