Facts about Arkansas

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Statehood:  June 15, 1836, the 25th state

Capital:  Little Rock

Total Area:  28th among states, 137,002 sq km (52,897 sq mi)

Water Area:  2,867 sq km (1,107 sq mi)

Highest Point:  Magazine Mountain, 839 m (2,753 ft)

Total Population:  32nd among states
2010 census -  2,915,918

Population Density in 2010:  56 people per sq mi

Distribution in 2000:  52.5% Urban, 47.5% Rural

Gross State Product - $105.8 billion (2010)
Personal income per Capita - $31,946 (2009)

Largest cities in 2010: 
Little Rock:  193,524
Fort Smith:  86,209
Fayetteville:  73,580

  • Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in Bentonville.

  • The name Arkansas comes from an Indian word that means down-stream people.

  • Pivot Rock balances on a base 15 times smaller than its top.

  • The Ozark National Forest covers more than one million acres.

  • Alma is claimed to be the Spinach Capital of the World.

  • The Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs is seven stories tall, but every floor is a “ground” floor.  The hotel is built against a hillside, and each story opens onto the hill at a different height.

  • There are 47 hot springs that flow from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain, at an average temperature of 143F.

  • In 1983, Arkansas becomes the first state to require teachers to pass a basic skills test.

  • The Arkansas River is the longest stream to flow into the Mississippi-Missouri river system.  Its total length is 1,450 miles.

  • Large burial mounds found in Arkansas were a prominent feature of the region's last prehistoric culture, the Mississippian, which began about 700 AD.

  • Buffalo National River, which cuts through massive limestone bluffs in the Ozark Mountains, is one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers in the lower 48 states.

  • During the 1930s, the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union, a radical labor group based in Arkansas, brought national attention to the tenant farming and sharecropping system.

  • Hattie O. W. Caraway (D) was the first woman elected to the United States Senate. She succeeded her husband in 1932.