Alaska State Symbols

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Forget-Me-Not, Alaska's state flower
Alaska's Flag
Alaska State Flag
Willow Ptarmigan, Alaska's state bird
Willow ptarmigan



State Bird:  Willow Ptarmigan

State Fish:  The Giant King Salmon

State Mammal:  The Moose 

Marine Mammal:  Bowhead Whale

State Insect:  The Four Spot Skimmer Dragonfly

State Flower:  Forget-me-not

State Tree:  Sitka Spruce

State Sport:  Dog Mushing  

State Fossil:  Wooly Mammoth  

State Gem:  Jade

State Mineral:  Gold

Motto:  "North to the Future"

Origin of State Name:  The name is probably derived from an Aleut word meaning "mainland," which originally referred to the Alaska Peninsula.

Nickname for State:  The Last Frontier.  Alaska is called the Last Frontier because of its economic opportunities and sparsely settled regions.

Nickname for residents:  Alaskans