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The Empire State Building - What would a Things To Do NYC vacation be with a visit to the Empire State Building. This building is a National Historic Landmark and is more than one quarter of a mile high. It is the most noticeable part of the NYC skyline. Here you can truly see the view from the top, and enjoy NYC in all the splendor that the city has to offer.

Central Park - The first public park in the United States, with landscaping, was Central Park, and that was an innovative idea when the park was created. Over the years the park continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation. The Zoo, Theater, Sports Fields, Lakes, and Entertainment will make this one of the best Things To Do NYC locations.

Central Park Zoo - The Central Park Zoo is just one stop to the Zoo on your Things To Do NYC tour. The zoo is in Central Park with over 1500 animals and 150 species.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - If you are going planning your Things To Do NYC trip in the fall, be sure to plan around the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This almost 100 year old tradition has let the way and is the oldest Thanksgiving day parade in the united States. Close to three million people start the holiday season with the parade, and enjoy the famous balloons and award winning marching bands.

New York Comic Book Marketplace! - That is right, NYC is the most famous place in the world for Comic book fans and traders, and plays host to the New York Comic Book Marketplace! If you are in NYC at the right time your Things To Do NYC holiday will include one of the most unique events in the country.

Times Square New Year's Eve - The New Year’s Eve party is broadcast around the world and is perhaps the most watched live event of the year. You will need to plan early for this Things to Do NYC event.

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Library Hotel - A luxury hotel from the 1900s is a great way to make the most of your Things To Do NYC stay. As the name indicates it is just a few steps away from the New York Public Library, and Times Square Theater.

Casablanca Hotel - Also close to Times Square this popular boutique hotel is for anyone who wants their Things To Do NYC stay to be a romantic adventure. Famous for the film “Casablanca” the mood and appointments are just what is needed for a fun and romantic getaway.

The Surrey - The appointments at this luxury hotel located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side bring new meaning to the word luxury. Anytime you make this part of your Things To Do NYC plans, you will need to plan on some time in the hotel to enjoy what the staff has to offer.

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Café Boulud - Are you the way to France? And your Things To Do NYC stay is short? Then get a taste of Europe and preview of what is to come at this award winning East side restaurant. Even when you are not on a layover this is one of New Yorks finest kitchens.

Nobu - Asia is well represented in New York City, and needs to be on your Things To Do NYC vacation or business trip. Nobu is a pioneer in Japanese cuisine.

Gramercy Tavern - Located in a landmark historic building, more than American cuisine is served up. Open for lunch and dinner you will be welcomed with American style on your Things To Do NYC tour. Stop by more than once for a taste of home. The American tradition of hospitality is in full effect at this popular restaurant.

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One of the best things to do in NYC is visit the Empire State Building. It name was derived from the nickname for New York: the Empire State. The $40,948,900 that went into building the monumental structure definitely proved worth it. This building stood, for forty years, as the tallest building in the world. The building that put the Empire State Building in second place was the World Trade Center. Designated a National Landmark in 1986, the Empire State building continues to amaze visitors. It has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Once inside, you can make your way to the 86th floor observatory using one of seventy three elevators, and take in the breathtaking view. From 1,050 feet in the air, NYC looks astonishing. In the day time, you can take advantage of the light with the high-powered binoculars stationed all around the 360 degree observation deck. This is an outdoor deck, so you can also enjoy the wonderful weather and feel like you are on top of the world. The 86th floor is also accessible by wheelchair, so nobody should have to forfeit this opportunity. During the night time, the city will light up before your eyes and give you another spectacular view of the same city.

If, at the height of 1,050 feet you do not feel like you have seen enough, you can continue on to the 102nd floor observatory. At 1,250 feet above the ground, you will have reached the highest point in the Manhattan sky.

Is the 102nd floor observatory still not high enough for you? There is only one way to make your way higher into the sky: take a helicopter tour. There are around ten different helicopter tours you can take in NYC, the most popular being the Big Apple Helicopter Tour in New York. During this once in a lifetime experience, you will have the opportunity to view some of the city’s most awe inspiring landmarks. You will fly right over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You will weave through the NYC skyline and watch the amazing buildings pass you so closely that you could almost touch them. This is also a great way to see Central Park. If you’re looking for a big adventure, this is a perfect way to find one.

One monument you can see from the helicopter tour is none other than the Statue of Liberty. Holding her torch to the sky, Lady Liberty continues to stand as a symbol to us as Americans. The expression on her face hints of hope and peace as she overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The Statue of Liberty was the first statue that allowed visitors to climb inside with a ladder. You will be surprised by how big the statue is. It is hard to fathom it without seeing it with your own eyes. The pictures in movies and books could never do justice to Lady Liberty’s magnificence. Travelers can climb their way all the way up the Statues arm, and into the torch. The view from the balcony around the torch is breathtaking, and the perfect place to pose for a picture. On one side, you can watch the brilliant city from a bird’s eye view. On the other side, you can gaze into the glistening waters of the Atlantic and speculate on what thoughts are really etched into Lady Liberty’s face. As you begin to understand just how marvelous this historical landmark is, it will become clear why, in 1924, the statue was named a national monument.

Once you have posed for all the pictures you can take atop the torch on the Statue of Liberty, it would be a great idea to make your way so Times Square. Times Square is the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Along with the Statue of Liberty, Times Square has earned a world landmark status. It was named after the Times Building. Back in the day, it was owned by one of the richest men in the new America. It was the newspaper business that really made Times Square famous. In the nineteen hundreds, the newspaper’s operations moved to a skyscraper on 42nd street in Longacre Square. The area was renamed Times Square in 1904 after a subway station was built, and the first electric ad was posted on 46th and Broadway. Although the New York Times has since moved on to larger and more practical buildings a little ways away, the name lives on as Times Square.

The next must-see attraction is the Rockefeller Center. The 19 major buildings of the Center are found in midtown Manhattan. There is a big outdoor plaza that serves as a restaurant in the summer. But if you visit during the winter months, you will be able to enjoy ice skating on this same area. Whether you are there to eat, ice skate, or to simply watch the crowd around you, you are sure to have a great time in the Rockefeller Center. Another great activity here, is riding the elevator to the Top of the Rock. This observation deck provides a great view of the Empire State Building and is another great place to pose for a few pictures.

If you like gothic style buildings, NYC is a great place to visit. There are quite a few churches and cathedrals that you should map out and go see. The first you should visit is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This is a Christian Church that provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility compared to the noisy commotion outside. Although it was built in an old gothic style, it is not the oldest church in New York. St. Paul’s Chapel stands as the oldest church in NYC today. It was established in 1766 and survived even through the September 11 attacks. Holding its ground across the street from the world trade towers, it is amazing and a blessing that this church remained unharmed. There was not so much as a broken window that day. This next church was built with a gothic style influenced by the Roman style. This is another great church to visit and learn about the history of both New York and religion.

The Street of Sails is another name that came from the history of New York. In the 19th century, the South Street Seaport was packed with ships and sailors. The Seaport shows off some of the oldest architecture in Manhattan. Many of the buildings have been restored, but were originally build in the 19th century. Within these buildings and others, tourists can enjoy a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge while they eat their lunches. The Seaport is also yet another great place for pictures and shopping. If you stay until dark, you can enjoy the fabulous nightlife of the South Street Seaport. At the entrance to the seaport stands the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse. Erected in 1913, the lighthouse first stood atop the Seamen’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey. When the institute was moved, the Lighthouse was donated to the South Street Seaport Museum where it stands now.

As United States Citizens, we should hold tight to our history. We should always keep in mind what it took to get our great country started. We should be able to recall the hardships and painful circumstances that our country’s founders went through. As we remember our history, we can more appreciate our present, and work towards a future that will do our country well. A large part of our history lies under the hustle and bustle of NYC. Among all of the things to do in NYC is learning about our history. It is a brilliant adventure to the past to learn about what went on in the city’s streets before it became the great city it is today. New York provides a number of tours to teach visitors about the history. Many of these tours are free of charge, and will take you through some of the most memorable stories. You will learn, on these tours, about American founders; people whose names you will recognize, and people who avoided the history books but still made a lasting impression on our country. As you tour the city and learn more about how it came to be, you will be even more appreciative of what you see around you.

If you want even more history, there are museums for you to visit that will teach you even more. The great thing about museums is that it’s not just the story; you’ll be able to see and visualize what was happening so long ago. It’s not just the history of our country’s founding. New York has been full of life throughout the ages. It is a wonderful experience to learn about the thoughts and actions of people through the decades. Even places like the Empire State Building, as pronounced as they are today, remember harder times. The Empire State Building’s opening coincided with the Great Depression. Much of the space remained vacant, which was a huge disadvantage because of the cost of constructing the building. Part of its unpopularity was due to the fact that, at the time, it was a good distance away from any common mode of transportation. Other structures in the city also suffered during the Great Depression. The entire city changed; the city that never sleeps was closing its eyes to rising criminal activity, and a suffering population. This is where the famous pictures of the breadlines were born. The image was all too common. Men couldn’t provide for their families, women couldn’t care for their children, everywhere they turned they just found more misery and despair. The Great depression proved to be one of the greatest hardships to face our country as a whole.

Today, there are 8,175,133 people living in New York. It is the most densely packed City in the United States. There is no longer any sign the something as devastating as the great depression ever took place there. With 647 attractions, the place is crawling with tourists. There is no way to know how many people are actually in NYC at any given time. We can only speculate as to how many people this great city is holding. Looking for things to do in NYC is easy. Narrowing down the possibilities is almost impossible. First, you have to find the place you want to stay. Then you need to take into account the amount of time you have as well as your possible modes of transportation. There are so many things to do in NYC that it would be impossible for you to see all there is to see, and do all there is to do. If you want the normal NYC tourist experience, there are a few places all of your friends will expect to see pictures from. One of these places in the Statue of Liberty; this is such a landmark that it has become a symbol of New York. Another must-see is Central Park. As one of the most talked about parks in the country, you would be missing out by not visiting it. Central Park is aptly named, as it lies right at the heart of the city. If you only have a short time to visit, pick a path to walk along and enjoy the scenery. This way, you can at least say you’ve been there, done that. If you do have plenty of time to spare, or if you just simply love the thought of eating lunch in a park, go ahead and have a picnic. It is a great place to get away from the bustle of the streets.

In the Central Park area, there are plenty of street performers to listen to. Many of these musicians are very talented, and it would make for an excellent time to walk the streets and listen to the talent. One of the other attractions that you can’t miss is the Empire State Building. This is another well-known monument in New York, and one place you won’t want to say you missed. Not only is it great for pictures, it is also an awesome place to be still and relax while taking in the view. Seeing the City from so far up is an almost surreal experience. From 1,050 to 1,250 feet in the air, you can just watch the lights of the city and see the collective movement of New York. If you would rather see the Empire State Building instead of see the city from it, there are other points in New York that are perfect for doing just that. There is a place with a great view of the Empire State Building in Times Square. You can visit this place whilst touring the many sights of Times Square.

If you are visiting Times Square in December, there is one event you cannot afford to miss. This event is, of course, the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. Millions of people watch this event on the Television every year. There is no way that you could not enjoy yourself in Times Square during the famous countdown to the New Year. More than one million people come to Times Square each year to ring in the New Year with a bang. The tradition started in 1907. This was the first time the ball was ever dropped in Times Square. Before the Waterford Crystal ball made its appearance and claimed its New Year’s fame, there was an outstanding fireworks display. The firework show was only in place from 1904 to 1906. The display was quickly forbidden by the state authorities due to safety concerns. Since then, the ball drop became one of the most popular New Year’s Celebrations in the country. The show Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve hosted the event on television before it was moved to ABC.

If you have visited NYC before, or you just want a different experience than the average tourist, there are many more places you can visit. These places are less popular for tourism, but still just as much fun as the bigger monuments. There are plenty of parks and museums you can visit. Many of them are free! If you are visiting with children, parks and museums are excellent ways to have a spectacular time while still saving money. One great museum for kids and adults alike is the NYC Fire Museum. This Museum was a firehouse in 1904. Just in this one museum, there is a plethora of things to see. This place is a little boy’s dream world. First and foremost, there are Fire Engines. You can see the first fire engine ever used by United States Fire Fighters. There is also the Double Decker Philadelphia fire engine which just happens to be the very biggest fire engine. You can also see the smallest fire engine which is about the size of a piano box. In the parade room of the firehouse, there are plenty of things to see that will teach you all about the history of firefighting. It is a very interesting story, and well worth checking out. All around the firehouse, you will be able to find the clothing used in firefighting. There are pieces of clothing on display from many different time periods. You can look at them all and be able to see the way the clothing was refined through the years to what it is today. If, perchance, you were to get married, you could do it right here in the old Fire Museum! There is a large open space for just such purposes. You can rent this area for your big day, and have a wedding you and your friends will never forget.

The Guggenheim Museum is another great museum you can visit. It is a landmark in the artistic world. It was first called The Museum of Non-Objective Painting in 1937. Early modernists were encouraged to display their work here. The Museum continues to have a huge impact on today’s world of art. If you love art, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this museum. There are many other art museums in New York as well. There is the metropolitan Museum of Art, and the MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art). There is also the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Jewish Museum. These are just a few of the more popular Museums in NYC.

As stated, NYC is one of the most amazing cities in the world. There are many nicknames for it. Some call it the Big Apple. Others call it Gotham, The City That Never sleeps, or the Capital of the World.

NYC is one of the most amazing cities in the world. There are many nicknames for it. Some call it the Big Apple. Others call it Gotham, The City That Never sleeps, or the Capital of the World. It used to be called the Empire City, which is where the Empire State Building adopted its name. One of the least common of these nicknames is The City So Nice They Named It Twice. If it were possible to name all of the things to do in NYC, it wouldn’t be the great city it is. What makes it great is the fantastical way that it captures the minds and imaginations of all Americans. Filmmakers love to base their films in New York because of the endless possibilities when it comes to architecture, timeline, or sheer number of people. If you have the opportunity to take a vacation any time soon, New York would be a fabulous option. There are so many things to do in NYC. There is Central Park, Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course, the Statue of Liberty. Don’t stop there! There is also the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other Art Museums such as the Guggenheim Museum. There is the United Nations Building, Grand Central Terminal, and much, much more. There is no question that you will enjoy your time in New York, whether you are able to spend a lot of money or not. There are so many things to do in NYC, and so many things to see that there is no end to your options. You can go hit all of the most famous sights and have the classic New York tourist experience, or you can stick to the more humble sights. There are plenty of places you can visit very cheap, or even free. There is so much diversity in the City that anybody can have a great time. Whether you want to take a private tour of NYC in a helicopter, or tour it on foot for free, you are guaranteed a wonderful time, and you will never regret your vacation to NYC.

In 2010, New York’s population reached 8,175,133. Because of its small size in relation to the number of inhabitants, this makes NYC the most densely populated city in the United States. Besides the incredible amount of people going about their busy lives in the City, there are also an impressive number of tourists at any time of the year. With 647 attractions, there is a plethora of things to do in NYC. From the awe inspiring Statue of Liberty, to Central Park at the center of the City, it is almost impossible to complete everything on your NYC travel guide.

If you are able to pay a more expensive price for your trip to New York, you will not be disappointed. There are things like the New York dinner cruise to keep you entertained. Even if you are hoping for a lower price, you can always spend your time at a museum or a park. After all, there are plenty to choose from. You can visit Times Square or Central Park. There are also countless tours all over the city. You won’t want to miss out on getting a tour of the Empire State Building, and you could hardly say that you visited NYC without at least seeing the Statue of Liberty. With all of these tours and other attractions, there are ways that you can get a special price. The city offers a free ride to Staten Island via the Staten Island ferry.

Though you may be looking to save money, don’t try to save money on a hotel. There is a three star rating recommended for NYC Hotels. With around 430 hotels to choose from, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a higher end hotel that best fits your travel plans. Whether you want to stay in NYC itself, or spend some time and travel to the attractions you want to visit, there are plenty of choices to choose from. When it comes to transportation, you can use a taxi, hop on a double decker, or find yourself a share ride shuttle. Getting map directions beforehand is always recommended as a part of NYC travel.


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