Salamanca Place and Sullivans Cove - Salamanca Place is famous for its regular Saturday 'Salamanca Market' and a whole street of 19th century sandstone buildings which were the warehouses of the Port of Hobart for about 100 years.  Now, its the centre of much of the city's' cultural and social life, with theatres, restaurants, galleries, cafes, places to stay and and all manner of shops that locals and visitors can enjoy any day of the year.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service - List of National Parks in Tasmania including location and information.

Tourism Tasmania - Official site of the Tasmanian Government tourism. The site offers the most comprehensive overview of Tasmanian culture, sights, accommodations, tour operators, cities, towns,  and restaurants.

Port Arthur - Port Arthur was a prison settlement for male convicts during the 1930's.  Today visitors can enjoy guided historical walking tours, a harbour cruise in summer as well as over thirty buildings, ruins and restored period furnished homes set on 40 hectares of landscaped grounds.