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Fall Foliage in Vermont

Fall Foliage in Vermont Vermont has the highest percentage of maple trees in New England which makes Vermont one of the best places to view Fall colors. Vermont is 76% forested with more than 50 state parks. Leaves begin to change in early to mid-September and can extend into late October. The first 2 weekends in October are generally the busiest of the foliage season so plan ahead if you plan to visit. Different varieties of trees change at different times and generally trees at higher elevations turn first. Red maples are some of the first trees to change.

People travel from all over the world to see the Fall colors but even in the peak season there are always rooms available. If you want to avoid the huge crowds, travel mid-week. Another way to avoid the crowds is to travel the back-roads. Village stores or local inns are great sources of information for the best places to view the Fall colors.

Besides scenic drives, Fall is also a great time to explore Vermont on a bike, in a canoe or hiking some of the beautiful trails. Enjoy a fall festival showcasing art, food, animals and more. Check out Vermont's Official Website for more detailed information.

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