What Happens When a Person is Charged With Fraud?

Fraud comes in many forms but the basic premise involves someone benefiting by gaining something of value, using fraudulent means. This often happens in real estate and in claims made to the government so a person can receive benefits. When someone is charged with a fraud crime, it is imperative they understand the serious nature of their charges. Hiring a Riverside Attorney is a must in dealing with any type of charges but can be especially beneficial in a fraud charge.

There are three main types of fraud:

  • Consumer
  • Employee
  • Business and governmental

Consumer fraud occurs when a person has their identity stolen, credit cards stolen, or they fall victim to pyramid schemes or telemarketing scams. Although check fraud is included, it is not as common as it once was since more and more individuals and institutions now rely on credit and debit cards.

Employee fraud occurs when an employee steals money from their company, sells trade secrets, or accepts bribes. This type of fraud can have many subcategories which can result in serious charges.

Governmental fraud involves wiretapping, mail schemes, providing false information on government benefit applications and more. Not only does this charge result in criminal charges, it can also result in the lifetime revocation of some types of government benefits, including food stamps.

When a person has been charged with a fraud crime, they need to be aware of their charges and the possible penalties they could face. Because fraud can be both a criminal and civil matter, victims of fraud have a right to pursue a person in court, even if a prosecutor fails to bring charges or the person is found not-guilty in their trial.

Anytime a person is faced with criminal charges, it behooves them to seek help from an attorney. An attorney will inform their client of the charges they are facing and the possible penalties, such as jail time and fines. The goal of the attorney is to not only protect their client’s rights but to also get the best possible outcome.

If you are facing fraud charges, it is imperative you seek the help of an attorney right away. Call today for your consultation appointment so you can get started.