Keeping Food Safe From Beginning To End

Most people understand the importance of eating healthy. They know plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other whole foods should be the mainstay of their diet. They also understand the importance of avoiding prepackaged, convenience foods that can be full of chemicals and preservatives. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize is that the cookware they use while preparing their foods can actually take a healthy meal and make it dangerous to one’s health. Aluminum, Teflon and copper cookware can all leach chemicals into the foods cooked in them. This can lead to dangerous, sometime toxic, levels of various substances unknowingly consumed, thus causing sickness and disease in the body.

Some of the most popular types of cookware are also some of the most dangerous. When cooking with aluminum or copper pots and pans, many are surprised to learn that the aluminum or copper substance can actually seep into the foods being prepared and then, ingested by those who consume the food. Likewise, Teflon is popular for its amazing non-stick ability, but as the pans age, the non-stick coating can flake off into the foods being prepared, causing unsafe and potentially toxic chemicals to be eaten without warning.

When considering safe cookware, many automatically think of cast iron. This old-time traditional cookware has certainly stood the test of time, but if not seasoned and used properly, it can become a nightmare for the inexperienced cook. Fortunately, there is another type cookware that is easy to use, non-stick, yet safe. Stone frying pans are some of the most convenient pans to cook with. They require no oil when cooking, meaning no added fat and calories go into to the food preparation, yet allow food to slide right out like a dream. The natural stone coating has the same convenience of traditional non-stick cookware but with none of the dangers.

It’s difficult enough to find food that’s safe to eat and chemical free. Certainly, when it is found, nobody wants to add harmful chemicals into the body from something as simple as cooking or preparing it. By learning more about cookware that is safe to use, one can have the reassurance and their food is safe all the way to the table.